Books to read over summer.

To have my very own summer goal. I plan on reading books to make the most of my break and to keep myself busy in between trips. Below is my reading list and I am pretty open to recommendations. 

  1. Mortal Instruments (5 books)
  2. Maze Runner Trilogy 
  3. The Iron Fey Saga (5 books + 2 bonus stories)
  4. Mary Dyer (3 books)
  5. Beautiful Creatures (4 books)

Yup. One good load for me. Done with the Mortal Instruments though. Can’t wait to get my hands on the next release. For the meantime, I’m heading for next items on the list.

My target date to finish: on or before classes begin (June 9)

This silence kills. I hear nothing yet the hushes are deafening. How can I come to fathom? If not a single word escapes your lips? What can I do? If you are a trunk locked shut? 

Fill me with words of reasoning that I can come to my senses. Enough with the silence. It is a void that makes out nothing.